Sunday School
Sunday School, 9:45 am
By The Well
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 grades 1-7
Wednesdays 6:15 pm

Sunday School Teachers!
We can always uses more volunteers! Your commitment would be just four Sundays!  There is nothing to prep or pre-plan for.  It’s a fun time with our church’s youth.  Anyone high school age and up can teach.  Contact Emily Seefeldt at or sign up here.

Confirmation is evey Wednesday, it starts with worship at 6:15 pm followed by small group time. Click here for more information. Questions contact Amanda or Pastor Justin.

By the Well
 This is our Wednesday night programming for first grade through middle school.  This is not a repeat of Sunday!  Dinner is served in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesdays at 5:15 followed by Worship at 6:15.  Come and make a night of it! 

Family Fun Events
The whole family is welcomed to join us for food and a family friendly activity. We meet in the fellowship hall at 11:45am on the following dates: 

December 18: Cookies and fellowship, no meal!
January 22
February 26
March 26
April 30




Youth Account Policy: We have a new policy for using your Youth Account. Anyone wishing to use money from their account must fill out a request from (found here or outside the youth directors office.) This form must be returned 3 days before the event payment dealine. The requested form must be returned to Amanda or the church office. If you have any questions about this or would like to know the balance in your account talk to Amanda. Amaanda can be reached at or 651-388-3583.