Here is our updates plan for confirmation

Online Sermon Notes
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Why we are all at home. Confirmation students can still do sermon notes on our Sunday online service and the daily video's we have been posting. If you need to know how many sermon notes you have left to do just email Amanda.

You can find all the video's on the ULC YouTube channel or Facebook page. 

Wednesday Small Groups: We are also going to try doing small group online through Zoom (a video conference system). We will try it out this Wednesday March 25. 

Each group (we are combining the boys groups by grade) will meet for 30 minutes to check-in with each other and there small group leader. Since I need to host all four meeting we will stage the group times. See below:

5:30-6:00pm 8th grade girls
6:00-6:30pm 8th grade boys
6:30-7:00pm 9th grade boys
7:00-7:00pm 9th grade girls

I will email each group with the link to join by Tuesday

Program Description: United Lutheran offers Confirmation Instruction for 8th and 9th Graders which culminates in an affirmation of baptism service in the fall of the 10th grade year.  Our Goal is to form courageous, humble, trusting followers of Jesus Christ.
Nightly Schedule
5:15               Community Meal
6:15               Worship
7:00               Small Groups
7:40               Blessing
7:40 to 7:45   Pick Up   
How Does This Happen (Expectations of All Young People and Adults):
  1. Regular Worship (15 Sunday Morning Sermon Notes Throughout the Year)
  2. Leadership in Worship 
  3. Service Project
  4. Learning & Participating in the Christian Story Through Wednesday Night Worship  
  5. Fellowship—Wrestling with the Christian Story and Being Community Together through Small Groups/Meeting Monthly with your Confirmation Mentor
Contact Information 
Church Office 651-388-3583
Pastor Justin: