Social Concerns
Social Concerns:

Mission Statement-
"We will promote a ministry of love in action by uplifting and involving the members of United Lutheran Church in meeting the physical and social needs of people within our congregation, our community, and our world."

Current active projects for Social Concerns are:

Helping to Supply Hope

This really happens through the programs of Hope Coalition and we on the Social Concerns Committee are privileged to help support this local agency.  In fact, there are several different ways that United Lutheran has supported and partnered with Hope Coalition.  Homes for God’s Children is a partnership with United Lutheran and Hope Coalition; Community Care is a line item in the budget; circles have helped to supply Haven of Hope with housekeeping essentials and lunches for children at Kids Count; and last year the church council and members of United gave generously to a special homeless fund.

Obviously Social Concerns is only one source of support but we care deeply about the work of Hope and try to stay informed about special needs.  We feel sharing information about this valuable agency can help bring awareness to their mission and encourage support.  Because the agency is so diverse, there can be some confusion.  The programs at Hope Coalition include: Housing Support Services, Community Care, the Haven of Hope Domestic Violence Shelter, and Kids Count Abused Children’s Program.

Thank you to the members of United who help make this support possible.  We ask that you remember in prayer the people who benefit from the work that the Hope Coalition does in our community.